Replacing RV Roof Air Conditioner Gasket

Replacing a RV roof air conditioner gasket is a fairly straight forward (dare I say easy!) project. There are no special tools required.  As long as you are comfortable being on the roof of your RV, this project should be a good DIY project.

There are ten basic steps to replace the roof AC gasket:

  1. Remove plastic shroud over the roof AC unit.
  2. Remove the control knobs and the plastic cover on the RV ceiling.
  3. Remove the control unit (there will be a power cable and a control cable going to the control unit).
  4. Remove the four long bolts that hold the inside flange and the roof unit in place.
  5. Lift the roof unit out of the way (I placed mine on its side).
  6. Remove the old gasket and shims. Clean the roof and the bottom of the roof unit.
  7. Install the new gasket and shims.
  8. Replace the roof unit being careful not to damage the new gasket.
  9. Install the four long mounting bolts (do not over tighten), the control unit, the plastic cover, and the control knobs.
  10. Install the plastic shroud over the roof AC unit.

It took me about two hours to complete this project. The gasket is readily available from Amazon and numerous on-line RV supply stores. I purchased my gasket for about $30 at Rick’s RV Center in Murphy, North Carolina. It is certainly convenient to have a top-notch RV parts supplier just a few miles from our house.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions on how to make this relatively simple repair. To help you out, I created detailed instructions with photographs to guide you every step of the way. [pdf-embedder url=””]

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