Feelin’ The Pull Of The Road

It has been a very busy past few weeks. We are certainly feeling the pull of the road. If all goes according to plan, we will be wheels up in about two months.


To reach that goal, we have to complete the bus construction, finish the trailer repairs and improvements, and liquidate the rest of our stuff. I think we are on track to do all three of those things in less than sixty days.


If the past week is any indication, we will have the bus road ready (and awesome!) in less than thirty days. The trailer repairs and improvements are on the back burner until the bus is ready; however, we are confident the trailer will be ready to roll by mid-July. Liquidation is a slow process; yet, it is progressing nicely.


Linda has learned the art of sewing in recent weeks. Her skill and creativity means our bus has beautiful curtains and amazing cushions. We have worked separately and as a singular unit to bring numerous lingering tasks to closure in the past week or two. An amazing number of people are supporting our adventure by buying our stuff – which both fuels our plans and moves us one-step closer to departure.


Today, we spent a rainy and cool day working on the bus and completed the following tasks:

  • Modified the clothes storage area in the sleeping compartment to provide better access to the cat cubby area underneath
  • Created a simple way to hold the under bed storage doors open
  • Repurposed a household ceiling light fixture for an overhead light in the sleeping compartment
  • Installed an exterior jack for the secondary output from our Winegard satellite dish (this will allow us to connect the trailer to the dish)
  • Installed a cable TV inlet for those times when we are camping in a park with cable TV
  • Installed the curtain rod for the rear window
  • Cut a hole in the roof and installed the PVC pipe for the house battery ventilation system
  • Completed installation of the electric outlet on the kitchen counter and the water pump switch

Yesterday, we drove to a Turtletown Tennessee (about 20 miles from our home) to meet with a truck and bus repair shop. Over the past few months, we have been looking for a shop to service and inspect the bus. We were seeking honesty, experience, and reasonable rates. It took about five minutes to realize that Jason and his crew at Turtletown Truck Repair were the ideal fit for our needs. They clearly meet our criteria. We will take the bus there next week and have it serviced and inspected. Let’s hope there are no unknown mechanical problems.


I will be heading to Asheville late next week to deliver furniture and garden pots that someone purchased. Then, we will take a U-Haul trailer full of stuff to our favorite flea market next weekend. Little by little, our possessions are going to new owners


When Linda and I slow down and think about how close we are to realizing our dream it can be a tad overwhelming. We are so thankful for the numerous people who are supporting and helping us find a more prosperous and happy lifestyle.


Stay tuned for further updates.


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