The Ultimate Cat House

We took a day off from bus renovations Saturday. Linda wanted to rest and I had a special project to tackle. I built the ultimate cat house. A bit of background is in order.

Our neighbors cat, Delaney, started hanging out at our house about a month ago. She is an indoor/outdoor cat who seems to be one tough bitch – in the most loving way possible. She is mountain smart, trail savvy, and both a fighter and a lover. I think her only fear are Rottweilers. Her human mom and dad have two adult Rotties and a few pups. We all suspect this is the reason Delaney ran away from home and started hanging at our house.

After a few failed attempts to return Delaney to her home; we all agreed it was in her best interest to let the girl hang out at our house. In other words, Linda and I are foster parents for Delaney.

For a few weeks, she ate dinner on our front porch and slept on the downstairs porch. Then, I began going out to the porch after dinner and enjoying a glass of wine while Delaney laid on my lap. Yes, a romance was blossoming.

As the temperature has dropped this past week, Linda and I felt bad that Delaney was outside in the cold. There is no way that Mia and Shelly O (our two indoor cats) would ever allow Delaney to enter the house. Yet, I knew no feline foster parent worth their salt would allow a cat to be outside in freezing temperatures.

The solution was to build Delaney a house. Using salvage materials in my workshop, I constructed a house that sits on our porch. The house has an opening to the outside that is covered by a blanket. There is a window and a red heat lamp. Best of all, Delaney’s house is large enough for me to join her for cocktails.

The first photo shows Mia wondering why is there another cat in my house.

Foster Cat (3)Foster Cat (6)Foster Cat (5)_DSC0014_DSC0013_DSC0012


2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Cat House

  1. Leslie

    I love the design and it’s brilliant that you built it into the cubby but I’m curious what it looks like inside and how Delaney gets in and out? Do you have indoor pics? 15+year feral caretaker, TNR, volunteer, etc. Thanks! Leslie

    1. Greg Post author

      Hi Leslie,

      Glad you like the design. As I often do, the design came together in my head as I searched the workshop for available materials. Using the cubby space reduced the needed materials (there is no back wall), provided easy access from the outside, and it provides protection from the wind.

      I posted three additional photos. The inside has not been painted (waiting for Delaney to tell me her favorite color!). The plastic box in her house is the top of a litter box that we do not use. This top offers Delaney a cozy sleeping spot inside her house. The entrance to the house is an old furniture pad (I removed screening material from the porch) and built the house to fill that space. Delaney loves the window! Below the window is a hinged door that we use for feeding her.

      Very cool that you are a feral caretaker.


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