Tuesday November 24 – The first day of our maiden voyage in the bus has been fun, challenging, educational, and successful.  We are at a KOA campground in Wytheville Virginia.

The bus performed beautifully; although, we discovered several things that need adjustments or corrections. Some of these issues will go away once we complete the conversion.  Others will require a slight modification to our design.

The cats (Mia and Shelly O) are having a bit of a challenge adjusting to the noise of a diesel engine and the large windows with trucks whizzing by us (or me whizzing by the trucks!). It is good that we built two cat cubbie holes; because, they spent most of the trip hiding in one of the cubbie holes. Linda believes the windows cause most of the stress. Job one when we return home is to dust off the sewing machine and make curtains.

A few other highlights from today:

  • We stopped for lunch at Woodlands Indian Restaurant in Knoxville. Great food, nice atmosphere, and attentive  service.  The only negative for us is that they do not allow you to order from the menu at lunch. It is buffet only.
  • You can only buy wine at a package store in Tennessee. This irritating fact was learned when we went into Trader Joe’s  to buy a bottle of Two Buck Chuck. The manager at TJ’s said the law will change in July 2016. He seemed a tad giddy that  he would soon be able to stock his store with wine.
  • We witnessed some sort of police or military action in Knoxville. There were lots of people wearing military-style uniforms holding very large guns surrounding a van. There were two people laying on the ground being searched by the law enforcement people. All this going on in the Knoxvillle P. F. Chang’s parking lot.

Arriving at the campground about 8:00, we turned on the heater, put homemade chili in the crock-pot, fed the cats, and we are enjoying a relaxing evening. All in all, our first day as Adventurous Wanderers has been adventurously successful.



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