Winter Slump

Greg and I have been in a winter slump. We don’t function well in winter weather; or, at least that is our excuse for not doing too much work on the bus and trailer during the past few months. Hopefully, old man winter has packed up and left so we can get back to work on the bus and trailer.

While slogging through a miserable winter, we have completed little bits and pieces of work to both the bus and the trailer:

  • we removed the dinette table and benches in the trailer
  • a small counter top attached to the back of one of the dinette benches has been removed
  • the broken rear trailer window has been repaired
  • the water damaged trailer sub-floor has been repaired
  • new flooring has been installed in the trailer
  • we finished the wall insulation in the bus

_DSC0152We are redesigning the trailer to make the living and kitchen area more suitable for full-time living. I love to cook and the trailer desperately needs more counter space for prep work. With the dinette table removed, there is room for our IKEA island to be installed. The added space also provides room for a comfy chair for reading, relaxing, and watching movies. Speaking of movies, Greg is building a cabinet under the rear window for the television and DVD player. _DSC0153

_DSC0154For the trailer flooring we bought Traffic Master Interlock vinyl planks at Home Depot. We spent weeks researching various flooring options. During a visit to Home Depot, a very knowledgeable sales associate steered us toward the vinyl planks. He not only explained the pros and cons of the various types of flooring, he knew what was best for RV flooring. I wish we had gotten the associates name so we could send him a thank you note. The vinyl planks are waterproof, durable, floating, and affordable. Most importantly, they are beautiful.

Now that the wall insulation is completed on the bus, we can install the rest of the Luan plywood. Hopefully, that task will be completed in the next few days.

_DSC0151During a recent trip to Asheville, we bought fabric to cover the couch and to make curtains. More on the design once I finish…stay tuned!

Rather than the winter blues, we are now experiencing a combination of spring fever and impatience to hit the road. We are more than ready to begin our adventure wandering around the country.

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