Making Headway

We are making headway toward construction completion and the bus and trailer are starting to feel like a home – our home!

We continue to sell a lot of our belongings and with the money we have purchased the parts and materials needed to complete the bus construction and trailer repairs. We are still trying to find used, refurbished, and inexpensive materials; but, we are anxious to get out of here so we are breaking down and buying some things new.

Neither Greg nor I are expert carpenters so we have had to redo a few projects that just did not quite work out. Halfway through a design we stop and look at each other with an all too familiar oops expression. Some of the oops moments are the result of not thinking a task through completely and in some cases we tried to be too creative and we had to redo something. I’m not going to beat us up over our mishaps. I have read many blogs that warned bus conversion can be a hit & miss process. We are learning this to be true. Ahh, we are now much wiser and better from it all.

Ikea Island is done. After making some alterations to the trailer TV cabinet, I think we finally are satisfied with the design and it is almost complete. We are focusing on the bus with the hope that the conversion can be completed in about two weeks. At that point, we will take it to a welding shop to have the hitch installed The bus also needs a mechanical inspection and servicing before we hit the road.

May 2016 (10) May 2016 (11)

As for the bus, we have done a lot in the past few weeks:
• Greg installed the water tank, pump, and all piping
• We installed the Winegard satellite (great Craig’sList find)
• We installed the doors on the overhead cabinets and the cabinet under the sofa
• After our redesign of the curtain rods, we stained and installed them
• I made a few curtains
• We installed the kitchen counter and sink (the re-purposed table wood looks awesome!)
• Finished staining the walls
• Installed the missing clearance lights
• Greg has started the electrical system installation (yuge project!)

May 2016 (7)

The overhead cabinets, kitchen counter & sink, and curtains. Faucet & doors coming soon…










May 2016 (4)

Electrical system control panel being assembled in the workshop












May 2016 (6)

The control panel installed behind the driver’s seat










May 2016 (9)

Now where does that wire go?









Many thanks to everyone who has purchased our stuff and shopped at our Etsy and eBay stores. Your support makes our adventure possible.



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