Five Weeks Until The Wheels Start Turning

Linda and I are both excited and a tad overwhelmed that in five weeks we will be full-time RVers. These remaining weeks promise to be busy as we have a great deal to accomplish before we can depart on our adventure. At the same time, the task list is steadily winding down.

Over the past few weeks, our primary focus has been liquidating our stuff. It is an emotional; yet, liberating process to sell, donate, or discard things that we have had for decades. The more we liquidate, the more excited we become about living a life focused on experiences and adventure rather than accumulating things.

Additionally, we are hard at work completing work on the bus and trailer. Both of us are ready for our new home to be finished.

Here are a few highlights of our recent activities:

  • The bus has been thoroughly inspected and serviced by Ducktown Diesel Repair. Other than needing the front brake calipers replaced, the bus only required routine service. We are beyond pleased with both the quality of work and the customer service provided by Jason Deal and his team. These guys are outstanding.
  • After Ducktown Diesel completed their work, we took the bus to Nicholson Tire Center for a front-end alignment. They corrected the out-of-whack steering wheel (it was off by 90 degrees!) and they made certain the steering and suspension systems are safe and functioning correctly.
  • The bus is currently back at Ducktown Diesel having a hitch installed. They are also going to fabricate a few storage bins under the floor. The bus has a skirt on both sides that hides the frame and drive-train components. Behind this metal skirt is a lot of empty space. Large commercial buses use this space for luggage compartments. If all goes according to plan, our bus will soon have several compartments for the generator, tool storage, and other necessities.
  • We are inspecting the trailer and creating a list of repairs and service that it needs prior to departure. These are all minor issues that should not require a great deal of time (or most importantly, money!)
  • We sold our washer and dryer yesterday. Let the trips to a laundromat commence.
  • If we eat really well this week, we will have the freezer empty and ready to be sold by July 4.
  • Except for the freezer, the downstairs of the house is empty and cleaned.
  • Linda and I are busy organizing and pricing everything remaining in our workshop. This is a monumental task. It seems like the tools, fasteners, hardware, fittings, rope, paint, wire, and pipe multiple every night.

In closing, if you find yourself in Murphy NC this weekend, we will be at the unofficial flea market on Hwy 64 just west of town. We will be the folks with the U-Haul trailer and numerous tables piled high with an amazingly eclectic assortment of stuff. Stop by and say hello – and please buy a few things from us.

Five weeks and counting!



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