A Productive Few Weeks

It has been a productive few weeks. We have been very busy working on the bus, trailer, and liquidating our possessions.

We are very happy to have sold a lot of our big ticket items; however we have so much more to sell. For those thinking or planning on full-time RV living; give yourself lots of time to liquidate. Greg and I have so much we collected over our lifetime that it is overwhelming at times. Warning; it can be heartbreaking to let go of some things you are “very” attached to. But once you let go in your mind and heart, you start to feel free of the burden of too much stuff! Living in an RV means you have to become minimalist and I am looking forward to living light.

Summary of work done:

• Installed the walls
• Built the cabinets
• Stained the cabinets
• Built a wall to cover the bathroom window
• Begun building, staining, and installing the curtain rods
• I have begun upholstering the couch cushions

• Built the TV cabinet in the trailer
• Started painting the cabinet white
• Finished installing and painting the IKEA island

Awesome Craigslist Finds
• Two 30 pound full propane tanks
• Fresh water tank
• Coleman roof top air conditioner


The luan plywood will be stained to match the cabinets.


The bathroom outside wall before insulation and plywood.


Insulation added and ready for the plywood.


Plywood is installed and waiting for painting.


We stained the cabinets and applied a high gloss spur finish to match the sheen of the counter top. We still need to install the doors on the cabinets.

The TV cabinet in the trailer is almost done. Greg’s dad is cutting our doors for us since he has the saw needed to do the job. Greg has reconstructed the IKEA Island to fit nicely in the trailer. I am painting the TV & Island white.

We have order many needed parts to complete the bus conversion.

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