Not a bad job for a rookie seamstress

To be clear, I am a rookie seamstress. I have not been behind a sewing machine since I was a teenager. I took a class in sewing when I was in school and I enjoyed making my own cloths; but, when I left home I never used a sewing machine again.

About four years ago, I bought a sewing machine with an idea to earn a side income making custom curtains, pillows, and whatever. Guess what – the sewing machine never came out of the box.

Greg and I un-boxed the machine recently, so I could make the curtains and seat cushions for the bus. I was very nervous getting back on this horse! I’m not going to bore you with the details of all my mistakes and re-do’s; but, I will say my sewing skills improved very quickly.

I have completed the cushion covers and the curtains in the main room are nearly finished. The curtains for the sleeping compartment will be sewn in a few days.

A few sewing notes (experienced seamstresses please don’t laugh at me):

Sewing3After cutting the pieces I sprayed the fabric with 303 Fabric Guard…amazing solution! Sunbrella endorses it; it not only waterproof’s the material but it protect it from sunlight (fading), dirt, and any spillage. You can use it on cloths, carpet, upholstery, etc…
• Straight pins became my best friend. I wish I had known that from the beginning, I would have saved a lot of time, aggravation, trial, and errors
• I used Velcro to fasten everything down instead of zippers. I basically folded the material as I would when wrapping a gift box and tacked it down with Velcro.
• Every mistake turned out to be a stroke of luck. Mistakes forced me to rethink the design and approach which resulted in a better method and design

Sewing (8)I designed the couch so that if we get tired of too much floral we can flip the cushions over so there is more solid blue showing. The head rest can also be flipped to show the floral fabric.

Couch Foam Waiting To Be Covered

Awesome Fabric!

Conquering The Machine

Taking Shape



Sofa Converted Into A Bed

Sofa Converted Into A Bed






Full view of the bus so far… Our Future Home Sweet Home

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