About Us

There are so many reasons why we are joining the fast growing group of people who are living in a RV full-time. Like many who have gone before us, we are pursuing a dream to wander around the country and enjoy the awesomeness of adventure.

Adventurous Wanderers describes our plan to wander from place to place seeking new adventures. Along the way, we hope to meet great people, experience new cultures, and enjoy awesome food. We will also seek employment as workampers and pursue new business opportunities as we wander.

This blog, we hope, will be inspirational, informative, and entertaining. The blog will allow us to share our progress as we build our tiny home on wheels. We’ll talk about mistakes made, lessons learned, and solutions to challenges. Eventually, we will share the places we wander to as we live and work on the road. Most importantly, it would be remarkable if this blog becomes a virtual communal meeting place where we can share ideas, thoughts, dreams, and experiences.

Learn more about our journey by reading Our Story.

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